The Changing Role Of A Realtor

April 12, 2019





Hi. I'm Paul Henderson; the founder of GreatTransitions and a real estate agent who specializes in the needs of seniors.


I want to talk about the role of a realtor. Traditionally, we think about a realtor as somebody that just lists your house for sale. Well that's a gross oversimplification. For one thing, the complexities of selling the house have changed immensely in the last number of years. The legalities are far more complex. The issues of title, the issues of building permits, zoning, those all come into play. But more importantly, our role is determined by what you want. Not what we think you want, but what you want. So we counsel with you. We have a consultation when you want to sell your house. We try to find out - "what do you want to do when this house is gone? Where do you want to be?" Sometimes the answer is staying in your house.


There's a term, we call it "Aging In Place" and oftentimes somebody might want to stay there. They might be better off. You might be better off in your home. So we counsel with you about things you can do to your home to stay there the longest amount of time possible. Some of them are very very simple. 


One of the biggest problems we have for somebody our age is falling. In fact, the number one cause for the loss of Independence, or the loss of life for someone at age sixty years or over, is a fall. So we work with you on ways to avoid falls. Let's get rid of clutter. It's getting rid of throw rugs. It's putting bars in the shower and bathroom grab bars so if you slip, you have something to grab ahold of. In any case, we want you to stay in your home as long as you can, but we don't want that home to become an obstacle to you. 


When it becomes an obstacle, then you don't have the freedom to do what you really want. And you don't need that. When we were young and we had children living with us, our needs were much, much different. Now that our children are grown, we don't have those same needs. We don't need those extra bedrooms. We don't need that formal dining room for holidays used every time. Let one of the kids have Thanksgiving dinner at their house. They'd love to. And even if they don't ,Let them have it anyway. That gives us the freedom to do what we want to do. and it really it's all about freedom. We're advocates for your freedom, whatever form that may take


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