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How To Make a Great Transition

We see it in their faces; we hear it in their voices. How are they going to decide where to move, what to take with them, get their belongings moved and how are they going to get the house ready to sell? In a word they are OVERWHELMED!

Here is a summary of the steps we use in our GreatTRANSITIONS® process:

  • Choose A Community. There are Senior Placement Advisors available who will interview you and recommend communities that may fit your personality and needs.

  • Select A Move Manager. A Move Manager will be able to work with you to determine what furnishings will fit into the next place you call home. They will also handle packing, moving and unpacking your belongings.

  • Get Settled In To The Next Place You Call Home. Now that you are in your new home you want to make sure you have the bits and pieces that give it that personal feeling.

  • Schedule An Estate Sale. Professional Estate Sale companies are liquidators and they will sell everything in the house that they can.

  • Dispose Of What Does Not Sell. There are companies that will empty the house of the left-overs and trash from the estate sale. When they are finished the house should be completely empty and broom swept.

  • Do Any Necessary Repairs. A good handy man should fit the bill for most repairs and don’t forget to get the front yard in great shape.

  • Clean The House. A clean house will sell much faster and you should have the cleaning people focus on the kitchen, bathrooms, floors and windows.

  • Put The House On the Market. You should interview several Realtors and pick the one who has the most experience, not the one who recommends the highest price.

Are you still OVERWHELMED? Our trademarked greatTRANSITIONS® system is designed to take the inundated feeling out of this complex process. We manage every step of the route while you maintain control. Most importantly the majority of the work is done after you have moved to the next place you call home. We will turn overwhelmed into amazed!


This blog is a part of our ongoing partnership with Growing Bolder Magazine. To see the full publication and our other contributions, feel free to visit their website.

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