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Benefits of Moving

My mother, at the age of 70 took up photography. She became a Kodak award-winning photographer. Mom stayed in the big house. The big house got in the way and we had a really large house while growing up. There were seven children in our family. Mom stayed in there as long as she could.

Then, at our encouragement, she moved out... moved into condominium. What that did for her was allowing for her to travel. She started traveling with her photography club. She went all over doing photography and she absolutely loved it. She took dozens and dozens and dozens of the pictures and had a wonderful time traveling. All things that she'd never done in her life. She would never have done anything remotely close if she had stayed in the home.

The home was an anchor to her. After mom couldn't stay in the condominium anymore because she couldn't drive anymore, she moved to a independent living community where she started taking college classes. She started seniors swimming again at the age of 76. She won a blue ribbon in seniors freestyle at age of 76. She continued her photography almost into her 80's. She was able to do all that because she had the freedom to do so. She didn't have a house holding her down. A house can be an anchor, and not having a house can be tremendous freedom.


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