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Cleaning Out The House

Timely Tips from GreatTRANSITIONS.

"I need to sell my parents' house and it is full of stuff, so what do I do?" This is one of the most common scenarios families face. These tips can minimize any frustration:

  • Remove essential items. If your parents are living, make sure they have what they need at the next place they call home.

  • Round up your siblings. Decide who wants what. Use a point system to assign value. Settle conflicts simply, perhaps by flipping a coin.

  • Hold an estate sale. Interview at least two estate-sale companies. Ask for references.

  • Prepare the house to sell. Get a pre-listing home inspection to identify issues that need prompt attention. Use an SRES Certified Realtor to guide you through the rest.

Don't let this task become overwhelming. We are always here to help.


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