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Home or Anchor?

In my youth, summer meant road trips! Our family would hit the road to visit national parks, amusement parks, the beach and enjoy the freedom of being far away from the norm.

These days, things are different. A road trip not usually means a visit to the local home-improvement store. We spend a lot of our spare time on upkeep around the house.

It took us years of hard work and sacrifice to be able to afford a large home in a safe neighborhood. At the time it was a great choice. Now, it's like an anchor holding us back. It's full of rooms we no longer use. We don't want empty rooms. We want a road trip.

If this sounds like you, it's time to liberate yourself from your over-sized home and go from "tied down" to "down time!" Here's how:

  • Commit to more freedom and less hassle by opting to downsize.

  • Bring in a Senior Real Estate Specialist who'll advise you on improvements to sell the house in the least amount of time, and for the most money.

  • Enjoy your road trip!

There are plenty of low maintenance living options today, including condos, town homes, and even single-family homes in neighborhoods with community lawn service! What could you do with all the extra time you'll have when you're not dusting empty rooms?


This blog is a part of our ongoing partnership with Growing Bolder Magazine. To see the full publication and our other contributions, feel free to visit their website.


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