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How Does greatTRANSITIONS Work

One of the biggest decisions we have to make as our parents age has to do with where we live. Do we stay in the house we had for years, or move into an adult community? You know there are more choices out there now than ever, but very few places to help you figure it all out. One of the best is greatTRANSITIONS®, Realtors who are specially trained and certified to help make the right choice for you. We asked Paul Henderson to explain how does greatTRANSITIONS® work.

With greatTRANSITIONS®, how do you envision this working? Do I turn 60, pick up the phone and call you? Do I know that my parents are getting older, so I go online and then do I have to join something? Or how does greatTRANSITIONS® work?

Well, greatTRANSITIONS® is a theme that we developed and we trademarked. It's a process that we develop. It's not something you sign up for, it's something we come out and do with people. It's a consultation, and what happens generally is it's somebody who's concerned about their parents, so we're meeting with them and we're consulting with them about their parents of what to do. The conversation is mom's leaving oven on, dad leaves a pan on the stove, the car is all beat up, dad's confused, mom's confused, the house is a mess and it was always spotless, they're confused about their medications.

There's numbers of things to look for when you're looking at a loved one. So they're getting the idea that maybe mom and dad shouldn't be living where they are and that's why they call a Senior Certified Housing Professional.

Or maybe they shouldn't be living where they are, or they need additional help in order to stay there. There's a term we use called "aging in place", and some people choose to age in place. Frankly someone can stand their home until they pass, if they choose. Or until they have a very major medical incident happen.

Paul Henderson and the people at greatTRANSITIONS® know how to help you with the tough conversations you know the ones you need to have earlier rather than later to make sure everyone understands the needs and wishes involved.


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