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Is your house holding you back?

Hi, I'm Paul Henderson, the founder of Great Transitions. And a Real Estate Agent who specializes in the needs of seniors. We hear often "we need to slow down. It's time to retire. You're not going to work anymore, so you need to slow down."

I'm gonna tell you, that's bunk. We don't need to slow down. We have a perfect opportunity to do something else. That something else is not mowing the grass. It's not cleaning the pool. It's not running up to the store to buy supplies or parts to fix things. That is to go do whatever you want to do. You want to go back to college, go to college. You want to travel, go travel. You want to take up a hobby, go take a hobby.

My mother, at the age of 65, took up photography. She became a Kodak award-winning photographer in her 70s! It was incredible to watch her! If you want to see what you can do in your 70s or 60s, go watch growing bolder. It will tell you all about what's out there for you. Which is freedom. That's what it's all about; freedom.

I can tell you that staying in your house is not freedom. It's easy. It seems to be easy on surface, but I'll tell you it's really not. Because, if you weren't doing all the things we talked about on the weekends; the mowing, the pool, the cleaning, the maintenance. All those things. what could you be doing? you could be doing anything other than that. And that's the definition of freedom.


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