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Role of the Realtor

What do you think of when you think of a realtor? Somebody to call to sell your house? Right. Well, There's a special group of Realtors who have dedicated themselves to doing a whole lot more. Those are the ones who have been certified as Senior Real Estate Specialist. Right now, one out of a hundred have this designation and that's why greatTRANSITIONS® was formed. To make that one percent easier to find, and to help in any way possible.

greatTRANSITIONS® founder, Paul Henderson, says those with a Senior Certification are pushing the industry to evolve to serve a whole new need. You know what's really interesting about what you're doing, Paul... you're changing the relationship or the role of the realtor in society, because in a way you're almost becoming a counselor.

It's interesting you say that because we really feel as if we're counseling people when we're talking with them. And we're not professional counselors, I don't pretend to be that, but we're sitting and we're listening we're listening for their hot buttons. I was on the phone with a gentleman and he's very, very concerned about his health. Now I talked about two things most concerned about legacy and health he's really concerned about his health he's still living in his home so what we're hearing is health it keeps coming up so we talked to that what can we do where can you go where your health will be better or better cared for and we talked about a retirement community that he has a

particular interest in and they have a doctor's office in the retirement community so if he has a health issue he walks down to the clinic he doesn't have to get in the car he doesn't have to get on the phone it's all there for him and these are things that a realtor understands these are things that a realtor knows better than most these are things that people who specialize in seniors real estate no one percent of us

are seniors real estate specialist so one percent of the Realtors understand this that is a really key point ninety-nine percent of the Realtors don't understand it or they're not trained in it Paul Henderson with an interesting twist to the real estate industry he says to make the best decision it makes sense to have the best qualified advice that's the purpose of great transitions helping you transition

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