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Selling Dad's Home

When you're young, you never think that one day you may find yourself helping your elderly parents go through their most precious possessions and trying to decide what to throw away. It's emotionally devastating for everyone involved when parents can no longer live on their own.

After moving my own father, we had put his home up for sale. I took him along to see which books from his huge collection he wanted to keep. We sat for hours as he told us a story behind each one -- along with his reason for not wanting to part with any.

Finally, with tears in his eyes, his mind mulled by dementia, he cried out "Why can't I just live here?" My father, an accomplished physician, sat there frustrated and confused. I realized that instead of helping, all I'd done was remind him of the independence he'd never regain.

It became apparent there were few places to turn to for help and guidance through this difficult time. So, my wife and I, each armed with more than 25 years of experience as real estate agents, created GreatTRANSITIONS to help clients understand their options -- and to assist them in making the best decisions.

When you or someone you love has reached the time to sell their home, let GreatTRANSITIONS guide you through.


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