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The Truth about Living, Dying, and Leaving a Legacy

Most people say that they prefer to die at home among family and close friends. Watch this video to gain important information about planning on your terms, making your wishes known and leaving a lasting legacy. This video covers three topics-

The first is the Conversation Project, an initiative designed to have your wishes expressed and respected. Javier Melendez of Advent Health Hospice Card discusses how the What Matters to Me workbook can guide you in determining and relaying your wishes for your end of life care. Javier also examines the why Conversation project is important, who you should involve and when you should do it.

Hospice care is often misunderstood and underutilized. Most people don’t know what conditions qualify for Hospice care, when someone is eligible or how Hospice care is paid for. Sarah Garcia with Advent Health Hospice Care will answer these questions and more about the use of Hospice Care.

Legacy is what we leave behind. Pam Ruben, a legacy writer, discusses the importance of writing down your stories, to help future generations of your family gain a better understanding of your life and times and enjoy the memories of your life.


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