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When Is The Right Time To Move

Help in Choosing Where, and How, to Live.

One of the hardest decisions is figuring out when is the right time to move fro your particular situation. The kids have moved out, the house is too large and the upkeep never ends. It might be time to make some GreatTRANSITIONS.

Finding a living situation that truly fits can re-energize your life, protect your finances and provide a plan for your future. It can give your family peace of mind, knowing that everything's been taken care of.

When it comes to senior living, there are more interesting options than ever. But you need to know where to look and what questions to ask. We know, because that's what we do.

GreatTRANSITIONS is one of the very few resources at your service dedicated to helping you make the best decisions possible. We're real estate agents who see ourselves as educators and advocates -- with a passion for putting our experiences to work for you.

We offer suggestions, solutions and advice to seniors, caregivers and family members to help explore and understand the ever changing opportunities.

GreatTRANSITIONS is uniquely qualified to present comprehensive recommendations in the area of aging and care giving, specializing in senior living, estate liquidation, and selling and buying property.

Let GreatTRANSITIONS help you make the transition from your lifelong home to the next place you call home.


This blog is a part of our ongoing partnership with Growing Bolder Magazine. To see the full publication and our other contributions, feel free to visit their website.



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